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your boobs are fine.
your belly is fine.
your thighs. fine.
arms. fine.

better than fine, really.
you. are perfectly normal.

did you know most women have one boob bigger than the other? or that there are as many different types of noses as there are people in the world? that everyone – and I mean – every.one – gets the occasional zit on their ass?
stop thinking you’re the only one.

you’re the only one who has your exact form.
your precise set of moles and freckles 
those exact flecks in your eyes and your perfectly-you arrangement of teeth.

need proof? 
visit my body gallery – the most beautiful collection of women’s real bodies in all their diverse form. some soft and round, some rail thin.

feminine. capable of love. movement. and living.
desired and sexual. strong and maternal. 

but real.

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