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discovered a new website this morning.
just had to share.

“it’s all about women” is “dedicated to making your life even better!” the site is filled with tips, tools, resources and inspiration “for women to enhance their lives, careers and relationships.”

here is a particularly good article on “true beauty without plastic surgery or dieting” 

To quote: “I am the daughter of a cosmetic legend. My father invented the first moisturizing cream in 1951. He went on to become Revlon’s most significant inventor of the twentieth century, creating the first bottle mascara, the mascara brush, lip liner, eye liner, powder blush, SPF, and powder eye shadow.

But I was not the picturesque princess for the beauty king. During my teenage years, when other girls blossomed, I shrank under the intense pressure of being my father’s daughter, a man for whom there is no such thing as skinny or pretty enough.

In the decades that followed I tortured myself daily with fad diets and fantasies of plastic surgery. I saw no other way to fix what I thought was wrong with myself, and I spiraled into depression, hiding my body behind shapeless clothes, sometimes refusing to go out of the house at all.”

i love this line in her post:  “Even with the right dress, the right eyeliner, and the right hairstyle, you still might not have “The Glow,” which is the single most important ingredient in your beauty.”

where do i find my glow? in practicing extreme self-care. i take the time to listen to my intuition, eat high nutrition food and take my vitamins and supplements. i surround myself with positive people that support me, who are bright and reflect my personal values. i try to laugh (because i can be rather dramatic). i cherish my most special girl friends. i read. soak in the bubble bath. play the piano. and i journal my feelings (it’s my blather book – i just ramble until it feels better)

how can you find your glow? by honouring your talents. by accepting your limits. by making good choices for you. finding your glow is a day by day process of learning who you are, what you like, and what you need. sometimes we stumble on it – almost by accident – like when we’re laughing so hard we can hardly catch our breath or when we are nuturing someone or something else (pets, friends, babies). 

you will find your glow by nourishing your body with good food, a little bit of exercise and deep sleep.  by feeding your brain quality material and letting yourself laugh. it comes with unconditional love and trust of self and your friends, family and partner.

your glow is already in you. sometimes it is buried. or hiding. sometimes we have to look a little harder to find it. but with persistence and dedication to knowing and caring for your self, you will find it.

have faith.
it’s there.
i promise.