we tend to have super high expectations of others. especially when we have such huge expectations of outselves.

we crucify others for their imperfections and never let them forget the ways they’ve burned us. we torture ourselves for our perceived flaws. it sometimes takes a life time to forgive and forget. many of us live for decades with shame of bad decisions.

(did you know that humans are the only mammal/animal that continues to punish itself again and again and again for error in judgement or tribe betrayal? in the animal world, when it’s done, it’s done!)

but remember, you’re only human.
you’re allowed to mess up.
say the wrong thing.
let someone down.
fail occassionally. 
spiral out of control.
get sick.
change your mind.
and change it again.

but so is everyone else.

learn to forgive yourself and others.
your body, mind and spirit will be better for it.