i got this idea from a friend who practices and exudes love and positivity. she sent me her “Christmas letter” which – simply stated – was a list of 25 things she was grateful for this year.

knowing her made it a pleasure to read – it was a glimpse into who she loves, what makes her feel blessed and how she recognizes the influence of those who have touched her life. it was a celebration of the little things. and a wonderful way to acknowledge the abundance and fullness of a real life… 

so I did it, too.  (write your own list, even a short one, and post it under comments.
i’d love to read your list of 25.)

1) a handsome husband who challenges, supports and loves me for me – twenty pounds heavier or lighter, longish hair or short hair, good days or bad days, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer…. l.o.v.e.h.i.m.

2) my tribe – F.A.M.I.L.Y – the whole crazy, in-laws/out-laws, by blood, by marriage, once removed, diverse, unique, close-knit, fun and deeply loyal lot of ‘em.

3) four healthy, happy, respectful ‘kids’ who fill my life with laughter and love.

4) books! i love to read. i love the way books look, smell and feel. i wish  could speed read. i’d read one a day. all non-fiction, of course. i love the truth, or the author’s version of it. (it’s all about perspective…)

5) the gift of music in my life. the way I hear it and share it and the way it has made me richer.

6) moving my body. i love that my body does what I tell it to do. i will try harder not to take this for granted.

7) my saskatchewan past. in my heart of hearts i will forever be a prairie chick.

8) my alberta present. a decade in central alberta has served me well. i will reciprocate with loyalty and service.

9) my bffs light up my world. the strong, intelligent, vibrant women i have the pleasure of knowing and drawing strength from.

10) a future of infinite possibility. in the so eloquent words of PET, ‘Just watch me.’ all is possible. i will not forget to embrace possibility.

11) real woman magazine. whoa, man. what a ride! learning curve straight up and i am better for it. in every way.

12) integrity. I’ve become someone I like. 

13) new friends. Like ‘em. A lot.

14) vietnamese salad rolls. all kinds of curry. sushi. yum! who knew?

15) wisdom. acceptance. surrender. relief.

16) the ability to choose. i heart freedom.

17) elvis. long live the king.

18)  intuition. catching it on the whisper and heeding the call.

19) eggnog lattes and Chapters. bliss.

20) discovering that fear is only a product of my imagination.

21) my mother – who is guided by a legacy of wisdom and unconditional love and shares it without fail.

22) bubble baths and peppermint tea.

23) buttery theatre popcorn and skittles. together. in the same bowl. with dill seasoning.

24) sleep. Nestled neck deep in a heavy set of bedding with flannel sheets and a furnace of a man beside me.

25) sisters. treasured. cherished. connected. forever.