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you can’t escape being a cookie. it’s cultural.
you are conditioned to want what everybody else wants. 

we trained to say – “If only I …”

had a million dollars
owned a house in Mexico
lost twenty five pounds
had fuller lips and longer eyelashes
had something profound to say
rocked a million dollar business
could write that next best seller

… my life would be perfect.
… I would be loved.
… and more importantly… I. WOULD. FINALLY. BE.

someone important.

don’t let yourself fall asleep to the greatness that is YOU! 
don’t let yourself become complacent.
don’t follow others believing that they have something you do not.

quit searching.
believe that all you need is there within you. 
follow less and LEAD more.
tap into your own inner wisdom and then share that knowledge.
forget about what others think of you. (they’ll think what they want anyways.)

own your geekhood.
flaunt your quirks.
laugh hard. and LOUD.
drop shame – you’re fabulous just because you are.
and quit waiting for someone else to affirm it, because they won’t.
(and if they do, it’ll be conditional.)

let everyone else be content to be the cookie cutter image.

as long as you’re aiming for something you don’t think you are yet,
you are robbing the world of the miracle that is YOU, now.

YOU. are. one. smart. cookie.

that sparkly, iced up, sweet little sugar cookie that you are…

you are far more interesting

than a thousand boring old gingerbread men could ever be.