God bless Matt Stopera for his immediate catch of Twitter comments by young women going gaga over Chris Brown’s performance on the Feb 12, 2012 Grammy Awards.

He posted 25 Extremely Upsetting Reactions to Chris Brown at the Grammys  – highlighting the disturbing tweets – a display of shocking lighthearted acceptance of the rapper/singer’s unacceptable abusive behavior (charged with beating former girlfriend and singer Rihanna a couple of years ago) by young women around the country.

You can’t tell me our girls aren’t at risk.

Joke or not, these status’ communicate a serious problem. Young women willing to allow a man – good looking, wealthy, famous, sexy – to beat them in exchange for the opportunity to be with him????

That’s the way I read it. Like I said, said as a joke, or in all seriousness, it makes me sad. And angry.

Obviously, they’ve never had their life threatened.
Never felt the sharp smack of a backhand on their cheek bone.
Or had a cement fist slammed into their eye socket.
Or had the skin split from the sheer force of the strength behind the punch.

Or been lifted from the floor by a hand around their throat, crushing their windpipe, making their eyeballs feel like they will spill from the sockets, their world going black, their thoughts wild with fear.

The abuse of women and girls never okay.

When the world makes room on a global stage and welcomes a man who has beaten his woman – –
And when the woman asks for the restraining order preventing him to be near her to be relaxed so he can perform live and be publicly acknowledged – –
And when we all begin to overlook the abuse because he is famous, wealthy, and handsome…

our girls are still at risk.