we are so rough with our selves.
our bodies.
our minds.
our spirits.

we criticize our looks, thoughts, desires and actions.
we talk to ourselves in ways that we would never whisper to another. ‘i’m so disgusting’ or ‘i’m such an idiot.’ we say things like ‘who cares?’ and ‘you deserved it.’ we are the cause of our own suffering.

the constant comparison (of me to you, or you to them) is emotionally exhausting and absolutely damaging. ‘look how fat my legs are.’ and ‘she has the perfect nose’ and ‘i hate my hair’ or ‘just once, i’d love to be the hot girl.’

a whole generation of women have been influenced by the desire to be the hot girl. or of being eternally hot. hot ’til the day you die.

the positive: we’re moving into an era where it is most desireable to be authentic. to show off the thighs the good Lord (and a long line of DNA) bequeathed to you.

it is so hot to be you.

we are out of the white, all-american super model phase.
we are asian, hispanic, caucasian,
ebony, porcelain, golden
we are light made into living breathing forms of the most exquisite beauty

tall, tiny, curvaceous, lobsided,
curly, wirey, bone straight, fine,
freckled, gap-toothed, pigeon-toed
imperfect perfection.

you’re a kind of caramilk secret. ‘how’d He get the good stuff in the middle?’

the outside is just your shell
your candy coating
the case you came in

no matter what anyone has ever said or remotely alluded to –
you are absolute divine planning realized
and fulfilled.

who you are in the middle, is who you really are
artistic, honest, rebellious, brilliant, intellectual, a big softie, animal lover, musician, mathmatician, bookworm, genuine, goofy, shy, tortured, deep thinker

like the little russian doll, your job is to peel back the layers and explore the miracle of who you are and let your self shine.

smile bigger.
puff out your chest.
walk taller.
breathe deeper.
give love to your good self.

(you are a work in progress. you can get there.
i believe in you.)

Quote from: I’m Not the New Me by Wendy McClure
Matryoshka (Russian Nesting Doll) dissembled, Source: Wikipedia 2008