i just did something that was so risky,
so outside my own box,
so not common sensical – that i am vibrating with excitement.

yet it is in alignment with how big i want to live

i’ve been reading Beyond the Rear View Mirror by Shelley Streit. It’s a memoir of Shelley’s heartbreaking, tumultuous youth and her rise above it all to experience marriage, motherhood and personal and professional success.

this blog.
that book.

i want to let our girls know they are not alone. 
some one else has ‘been there’.
we see your struggle.

stories of challenge are not uncommon to the world. you are not alone.
there are people and resources available to reach out to. there are ways through and around what ever you may be going though. 

what can i do to get that message to those who need big love?

after meeting Shelley Streit, hearing her story, and reading her book – and after meeting literally hundreds of women and girls over the last five years who have shared their life stories and circumstances with me – i was moved to act.

this morning i told Shelley i would buy 30 copies of her book to give away to girls between 12 – 18 in central Alberta at her discretion. that book (and this site) just might offer hope. comfort. solutions. validation. affirmation. 

i mean it.

there is nothing wrong with you.
success is possible.
you can thrive.
you will bloom.

it has been done – with love, and some hard work
you are never as alone as you might think you are.

there are people out there who can identify with where you’re at –
who are good listeners, and great advocates –
who have seen you at odds with your self – or with others –
and who silently under their breath,
send you a tremendous amount of good wishes,
sparkly rainbow love and
prayers for miracles.

i might look like a 40-something yuppie, suburban mom
who has a nice husband, nice kids, and a nice job.
but i’ve been around the block a time or two.
i’ve walked a few miles in some pretty uncomfortable shoes.

i believe you deserve love.
and a positive message of your possibility.
i’ve seen determination and sheer will at work.

dream mo’ bigger.
it is yours.