maybe it’s coffee with a friend.
maybe it’s prayer.
maybe it’s kickboxing.

for me, it’s writing.

i am working on 4 journals right now (not including this blog, which would make it 5).

i) a book of intentions: things i intend to do, with no timeline attached plus a way of checking in with all parts of myself – physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual. why? focus. clarity. discipline. interest.

ii) my workout journal: documenting what i’m doing for workouts. weights and reps and swims and cycles and all kinds o’ stuff. why? focus. clarity. discipline. interest.

iii) my daily “possibilities” journal: bite size morsels of staying focused on how i will show up in my life and what i will focus on each day. why? focus. clarity. discipline.

iv) my divinity journal: this one requires deep reflection, maybe not every day, but very intentionally used. there is a theme every month in the book, and the prompts in each theme give me something specific to reflect and write on. june’s theme was healing. july’s is intuition. why? deep. relief. 

focus: i keep my eye on the prize. i know what i value, and want i want to experience and i aim for that, daily.
clarity: i want to be absolutely clear about what i want.
interest: this is what i like to do. i like knowing myself. holding myself accountable. setting goals. being focused. striving. being reverent. purging that which doesn’t serve me, and keeping that which fuels me, close to my heart and mind.
discpline: small, daily steps to success. i used to suck at discipline. until Hoffman helped me change my life. now i choose discipline as a way of honouring myself. my goals. my interests. my purpose.

i have written and blogged and journalled for so long it is simply an extension of myself. “if i do not write to empty my mind, i go mad.” (truer words were never spoken)

either that, or i call my dearest girlfriend and vomit my thoughts onto her.
there is great satisfaction (and peace) in a soul sister, and good listener.

whatever your method to dump what stews in you, use it.


dump it.