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no, i mean REALLY ready?

i had one of those days where the Universe swooped in and sucked the air out of my lungs and blew back in a magical sparkly pixie dust laced with genius possibility and a scare-the-shit-right-out-of-me-in-a-good-way vision of my destiny.

don’t say it unless you mean it

there will be days when you feel as though bumbling along, lost in the boring  minutiae – where you feel like dreams are airy-fairy, out-there fantasies beyond your grasp.

but with clarity (who am i? where i am headed? what do i want to fulfill?) and determined laser focus (how do I want to feel? what do I want to achieve? how hard am i going to work to get there?) 

it will – one day – just. show. up.
and scare the shit right out of you.
because it was in your secret heart of hearts
and now it’s

for real.

how big do you want to be?

write a plan for your life.

lay it out in all its regal splendor – and not just the physical, material stuff.

write out your juice. pour it out onto paper – let it flow from deep inside you.
let it seep out of your pores, and soak in.
let it fill you up with hope and desire
and then let it ooze into the atmosphere around you – every day.

let it be about your desired experience, quality and feeling.
how do i want to feel?
and how will i show up to feel that way?

know exactly how hard you’re prepared to work.
and what you will never compromise.

once you’re clear, plant it. fertilize it. water it. be present to it. love it.

a gardener doesn’t plant the seeds and walk away.
she tends.
talks to it.
stands back and admires it.
and then hoes some more.

and then one day, fresh, green sprouts poke through the earth.
and her hope and commitment is renewed.

she protects the plants
and nourishes them
with daily, commited tender loving care.

and then one day, she harvests the sweet, juicy fruit of her labour.

and it nourishes her.
fills her.
feeds her.
gives her life.

and when the gardener has been fed, 
what does she do – but serve others. 

are you ready?