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you did it.
you won.
you succeeded.

in tormenting another light-filled spirit so painfully that she took to flight.
in shattering a family,
in tearing out a mother’s heart,
in reducing a father to searing grief.
#RIPAMANDA – AMANDA TODD http://youtu.be/0ocvs5kNDSs 

how can this still be happening after all we know?
how enlightened and superior we are.

this lovely child, feeling so alone, so heart-broken, so absolutely unlovable and undeserving that she would rather close her eyes forever and stop breathing than live another moment in this world.

how. does. this. happen?

no matter how much love i pour into the world, today it feels not enough.
my heart hurts.

i feel absolutely powerless to prevent the desire of some to die
i cannot imagine a life (or a mind – or a body) so filled with pain that the only option is death.

what will stop these kinds of tragedies?
children killing each other with words and actions.
a war of spirits. what causes it.
what can we do to end it and create peace?
our raging – at the unfairness –
some. one. must. be. punished.

someone must pay for her pain.
her family’s pain.

we have the hardest task

we are challenged to weep, and grieve
to not seek retribution
retaliate and dish it back ten fold.
we are challenged to
be peace.
be love.
make room for forgiveness.
stop hating.
stop blaming.
stand up.
welcome with open arms.
love all.

even when we don’t understand.
may the angels hold her momma in their arms.