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I am the last ‘religious’ person – ever. I am not scared of God. Evangelism is not a part of my DNA. However, I am a deeply spiritual person who has had inexplicable, miraculous, spiritual glimpses of God … or light … or heaven in my life.

I believe in the HUMANS that lived – just like you and me – and led with Love. 
Like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Ghandi, and Mother Teresa (among others). I believe in history and evolution and the miracle of the human body and brain. I believe in good people being led to do incredibly good things for human kind without judgement and hatred and criticism. I believe in transformation. Healing. And unconditional love.

I don’t believe the brain and body exists without Spirit.

There is a spark that exists inside of me that is unexplainable. Science is amazing, but I don’t for ONE NANOSECOND believe that science has the capability and capacity of the human spirit 1/1,000 figured out. And science knows a lot, but I don’t believe there is ONE person on this earth who knows THE. WHOLE. TRUTH. Whatever that truth is; no one knows.

I don’t believe in an overarching, white haired father figure condemning us all from a mountaintop in the clouds. And I don’t believe in Heaven and Hell. But, I do believe the we live in hell on earth when we are tormented with any issue that causes us pain, or makes us cause another pain.

Just like Heaven – for me – essentially means that I am awake. Being awake means I have the FREEDOM to live without pain, turmoil, judgement, criticism or cruelty to self or others – be it animals, mineral or people. I try not to kill anything intentionally. (except mosquitoes).

I believe in something that I have no explaination for.
A force that drives me (not intellectually) to learn, grow, flourish, love, change and be. A creative power higher than myself.
I believe that the spark that was breathed into my body on the day I was born is the same incredible spark that makes flowers bloom, and the tides ebb and flow and the stars twinkle at night. 

It is a miracle. All of it, is it not?

I believe I’m guided by something that I don’t fully understand.
I feel it.
It fills me.
I lean on it by finding my stillness and by using my intuition.
But I don’t have to call it God.

I most often recognize it as The Universe, because I don’t know exactly WHAT it is.  All I know is that it (whatever IT is) is bigger than me. And that it comes from someplace INSIDE me, but feels like a connection OUTside of me. And that it is deeply LOVING and wants nothing but goodness for me and my life.

And NO ONE could convince me different.

I’m human.
I can be triggered by religious zealots.
Extremists of any belief. Be it Jehovah’s Witness, Catholic, the Born Again or New Age followers. Even Republicans trigger me. (religion and politics, this will make me popular) I don’t believe love is behind their intentions. Maybe it’s fear.

My biggest challenge is to allow others to have their own experience. The reformed, the born again, the occult, the evolutionists. I am VERY CLEAR that I will not waste any of my precious energy trying to convince someone else I’m right and they’re wrong. I do believe in using my energy to live with peace and good intentions and to show up and be love.

I don’t believe any one of us is right.
Not you.
Not me.
Not the zealots.
Not the Bringers of the Light.

But that doesn’t mean we’re all wrong. Believing in an all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful good source of light and love in your life is nurturing and restorative, and the benefits can’t help but spill out of you and into the world.

And THAT is part of the crazy, unbelieveable, wonder of it all.