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ever wake up feeling ‘off’?
no way to describe it really,
just not quite your easy going, happy, content self.

people, words,
everyday common behaviors,
feel like flies buzzing around your dinner plate.

even your skin feels raw and painful to the touch
as if too much love and attention burns like acid
syrupy sweet
get. away. from. me.

what is this?

push to be civil.
back away slowly, and no one gets hurt.
find shade.
a quiet room.
get clear – what’s the trouble?

sometimes a dream settles in your psyche.
sometimes it’s PMS
sometimes it is feeling the dull weight of the

shake it off.
learn to self-soothe.
make a cup of tea.
write your angry words down on paper and burn them in a fire later.
choose kindness over breaking a heart.
(words matter)

choose new.
choose again.
choose you.

don’t ride this dark horse blindly trampling tender flowers
under thundering hooves.
grab the reigns.
control the animal.
reclaim your power. 

choose kindness.
self first, then others.
choose patience.
self first, then others.
choose love.
self first. then others.