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alexmeet Alexandra Franzen creative genius and idea minx

i subscribe to her blog to read her witty, dynamic posts with the same fervour that i devour cherry cheesecake. why? because she’s super-smart and has ideas to share.

moreso, what i LOOOOOVE about @Alex_Franzen is that when i finally had the opportunity to meet her in person and learn from her, she was really … real.  her willingness to show up 100% bona fide HER shattered my #girlcrush and sent me into full-blown love, awe and admiration.

she was an authetic, genuine, real, live-and-lead-by-example super-star, beautiful human being.

she started the weekend workshop by singing her personal manifesto;
pranced around with elegance and vivaciousness and enviable energy;
really listened and held space for people while they spoke;
was midwife to the birth of bold plans;
and cheerleader to those breaking through their comfort zone
and astonished the clever group with her mastery of language, articulation of ideas and a surprisingly charming and sophisticated wisdom.

she radiated – shone – like unicorn sparkles and rainbow kisses.
and it was inspiring to be in her presence.

best take-away advice that weekend. be more you.

always show up fully yourself, in your own power, with your own unique you-ness. GIVE people the opportunity to adore YOU. 

sure, people might like you when you’re towing the line, putting on the act of acceptable behaviour, pleasantries and psuedo-smiles but by being all you, all the time – everyone wins.

the people who aren’t so crazy about you, will fall off the wagon
and make room for all those who wanna get on board and love the shit out of you.

unicorn sparkles and all.