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go easy on yourself.

mistakesso, you screwed up – big time.
we all do. (and don’t let anyone tell you different.)

don’t let your mistakes rule you. people see their flaws and errors as who they are. you are NOT your mistakes. you are you, a perfectly imperfect person, figuring out your shit. and there are GOING to be mistakes.

don’t let moments own you.

if there are 525,600 minutes (give or take a few) in a year, don’t let 180 minutes ruin your whole life.

don’t let 5 minutes, or 37 minutes or 242 minutes or 12,094 minutes of poor choices, bad decisions or harmful behavior or abuse control how you see your life in the big picture?

[even if I spent 1,622,433 minutes in the slums of my psyche, it is still LESS than 10% of my life. (in my case, i’ve now been alive almost 23,000,000 minutes) that means more than 90%* of my living has been learning, loving and growing. and a part of learning, loving and growing is messing up royally.]

the most powerful lessons you will learn are the ones that hurt the most.
and those lessons will stick with you and inspire your growth.

let yourself hurt.
feel the sting of consequences.
be scared.
and disappointed. 
feel remorse. 

and then pick yourself up tenderly.
clean your wounds.
make amends when necessary.
forgive your self.
and move on.

and don’t let ANYone tell you, you don’t deserve forgiveness or love.
you are not your mistakes.

*damn, I suck at math. and that is okay. 🙂