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nuif i could give you one piece of advice to take, and soak up to the bottom of your soul, it would be this:

stop hating your body

this miracle of flesh and bone and blood that allows you to see, taste, feel and touch.
you are nothing without it.
you are utterly dependent on it’s every function to be in the world.
it is intensely loyal to you – despite your mean words, blatant disregard for its care and cruel treatment.

love the body you have – and look after it.

as women we’ve been educated since birth to look like a princess,
then a Barbie
then a pop star
then a Hollywood actress or supermodel
sometimes a porn star.

we are told not to sweat
to remove all of our hair (because body hair is gross)
to lose (or gain) weight
that our teeth must be perfect
that our skin should be silky and toned and bronze

you may not have ever really ‘seen’ a ‘normal’ body

(and sadly, if you have, you probably criticize it)

well, i’m pleased to introduce you to the nu project

it is nu (short for nude) and it is a beautifully artistic collection of photographs captured by master photographer Matt Blum between 2005 – 2012. (it’s also going to be a book that you’ll be able to purchase and share)

in this world of hairless, flawless, sweatless, supermodel standards that women are compelled to attempt to live up to – the nu project provides women with a safe place to rest. get your mind around the nudity; the collection of photographs gives girls a glimpse of the myriad of body shapes, sizes, colours and types that fill our world.

scars, and skin.
curves and curls.
pale and plump.
soft and saggy.
toned and tiny.


if you’re obsessed with obtaining the perfect body, prepare yourself to examine the female form au natural.

i challenge you to examine the photos and be tender with your sisters.
such courage to set an example for the rest of us.

and the example is:
this is me.


stop hating your body