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show up for you

it’s the little things

like turning off the computer
opening a good book
soaking in an epsom salt bath
drinking the good tea
nourishing your body
cleaning up your room
eating the greens
shaving your legs and painting your toenails
getting 8 hours of sleep
leaving yourself lots of time to get ready for the day
being on time
leaving the internet closed
writing in your journal
stating good intentions
a good cup of coffee
not skipping breakfast
green juice
saying thank you
knowing what you really want
setting boundaries
kissing him goodbye with kindness
saying no to drama
wearing the fun shoes
bike rides and sun on your shoulders
doing what you said you’d do
getting the job done

you don’t have to be ‘perfect’ all the time.
but it helps to know 
who you are,
what you want,
what you need,
what you deserve and
where you want to go with your life.

showing up for yourself is easy 
it is the small, persistent, actions and behaviors 
taken every day that affirm your self-worth.

little baby steps every day
to show up for you.

such an enormous act of self-love.