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neverstopstartingwith no apparent reason, a touch of procrastination and a heaping helping of self-sabotage you stopped trying. you stopped caring. your stopped doing.

you. just.. stopped…

and the days piled up on you like a mound of laundry in the corner, a lump of ignored opportunities to make a change, try again or start over.

it is never to late to begin again.

in fact, my motto is never stop starting

procrastination is a wicked ruler leading to missed chances and looming deadlines, messy bedrooms and toothaches.

procrastination kills dreams.

so, recover.
choose new.
take another run at it.
just begin.
start over.

it’s not failure that kills goals, it is the failure to persist that murders those dreams.

you know what works? action.

you can write a list,
you can think about it,
plan it out,
make a map of how you’re gonna get there,
be mean to yourself for all the ways you’ve screwed up (a-fucking-gain),

or you can just start over.
every damn minute if you have to.

don’t give up.
i’m cheering for you.