magicI want to lie on the grass under the stars
and arch my back, and receive.

I want the maximum experience of life’s lovemaking.
The ultimate lover, life, in its deep tenderness
with hard edges
and soft moments
and penetrating truths.

I want to bend, and be broken open by soft touch
and hard exploration.
I want to give in to my feelings
I want to weep in ecstasy
and surrender fear to trust
in the hands that guide me to complete sate.

I want the slow burn –
smoldering coals of passion,
not because it torches but because it transmutes.
The great alchemy – magic
my life.

Allowing myself to be transformed
by Life.
by love.

Using my powerful self to choose
to change
to receive
to create.
to love.

I will allow Life to adore me.
to drench me in darkness and light and
to receive its Magic.