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What if you didn’t need permission?

What if you just grabbed life by the balls and strode confidently in the direction of your dreams?

I can’t.
I shouldn’t.
I’m not ready.
What if…?

What if it’s easier than you thought?

What if I flop around like a dying fish,
and say something stupid,
bomb in the interview,
forget the details?

What if you trusted that your heart knew exactly what it needed?

What if I get hurt,
And they laugh me out of the room,
And everyone thinks I’m a loser, 
And I am utterly rejected?

What if you just relaxed into being You and let the chips fall where they may?

Trust yourself a little more.
Smile and nod when they offer advice on what you should do next
and then go do what you want.

So, you might screw up.
Lose the job.
Look like a knob.
Feel shitty for a little while.

You have the power inside you right now to totally own your life.
To claim responsibility for where you’re headed next.
And to pick your shit up and change directions when necessary.

You, my dear, had the power all along.

Now, go gettum.