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 A face without freckles is like a night without stars. 


Oh dear heart,
you have no idea how beautiful you really are.

Beautiful is too small a word.

The precision of your genetic code, tens of thousands of years of people;
pain, sorrow, struggle – love, babies, bliss.

That magical, mystical way that your body came together cell by cell to create the sparkle in your eyes, the perfect hue of your skin, the way your hair falls unruly over your shoulders.

If only you understood that you stand now on the backs of your ancestors,
STRONGthe best of the best (for only the hearty survive).

Here you are.

Your true beauty is not in your ability to take the perfect photograph
or your purchased perfect smile
or your perfectly imperfect breasts, one slightly bigger than the other.

Your beauty is your mysterious, magical blend of science and creation.
You are a palette of colours and contours forged from those who never gave up. You are wisdom and tenacity in the flesh.

You have no clue how beautiful you really are. 

With your wide and solid feet, holding your place in the world.
With your coffee large and shining eyes, pallid peach and tender lips,
apple cheeks and wild hair.
With your legs rooted like trees, ready to support you in every moment.
With your bright red heart pumping life through your veins,
fueling your ideas and art, your dreams and your goals.

Remember that there has only ever been –
and will ever be – this exact creation of you.

This precision mix of stardust and history
fought for
to bring you here now.

Seize her:
this wild and ancient body – accept her as your guide
and let her lead your whole life.

She is yours to love and care for.
Stop abusing and abandoning her.
She has come through generations to serve you.

You have no idea how beautiful you really are.