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be wise“there was this girl at school I thought was so beautiful. she was perfect as far as i was concerned. and i wanted to be just like her,” she remembered.

“so i begged and pleaded for a pair of skinny jeans because they were so in-style and i wanted  pair so I could be like her.”

then her face softened, and the corners of her mouth fell a little.

“and the first day i wore them to school, she looked at me and said,
‘fat girls can’t wear skinny jeans.’

i was devastated.”

– – – – –

i hear you.

you’ve been scorned and humiliated by selfish, rude, thoughtless and shallow people. yepp… those. bitches.

not cool.
not fair.
and OW, that stung.

now, that you’ve admitted it hurts, it’s time to move forward, stronger and more protective of yourself.

people. are. dumb.
uncouth. (they lack good manners and common sense.)

and honestly, people don’t think before they speak. they don’t think about what they are about to say, how they should say it, IF they should say it or why they are going to say it. and some of them don’t care.


be courageous, dear one. {haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.}
be kind to yourself. remember, you are loved and appreciated.
it takes guts and internal strength to shake off the shit someone else slings, but I believe you can do it.

1. REMEMBER there will always be mean, rude and thoughtless people out there.
2. CHOOSE to not be one of them.
3. DECIDE to live exactly the way you want to live – you’ll read, think, watch, wear and eat what you want because it’s YOUR body, YOUR life and YOUR decision.

curvy girl skinny jeans

i understand that when you’re 15 (or 12, or 22) and in the trenches of life (feel bullied, flawed, imperfect and like you don’t fit into the world) it feels ALMOST impossible to rise above the hurt. but, you can. you can do it.

DECIDE that no one will rule you, but you.
RECLAIM your personal power.
Snatch it back from the soulsuckers and meanies who will try to rob you (intentionally or from ignorance) of your happiness and DECLARE your soul, your own.

Consider this, permission granted to OWN your heart and soul –
to defend yourself ruthlessly.
to guard your heart and
to never stop believing it will get better.

You – my sweet girl; my darling angel – can wear whatever the fuck you want. 

I said so.