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make a planI know there are things you want for your life, but sometimes you don’t know exactly where to begin. Here is one way you could approach making a plan for your dreams.

Name the Goal.
“I am going to save money for a trip to Mexico.”

Write it down and put it somewhere that you can see it and be reminded of it regularly.
(on the fridge, your make up vanity, your bathroom mirror, your car dashboard, as a bookmark in your favourite book or journal…)

Make a logical action plan based on who, what, where, when, why, how.
For example:
– Choose a date.
– Know if you’re flying solo, or choose someone as equally committed as you.
– Pick a destination.
– Research online – how much it costs, when is the best time to go, what can you do while you’re there, fantasize a little.
– Imagine yourself there.
– Open a savings account and call it ‘Mexico January 2016’.
– If you’re not a great saver, ask someone at the bank to help you make the account not easily accessible.
– Make arrangements with the bank for funds to be directly transferred into the account each pay period. Or maybe you’re using your recycling funds as your savings… the point is – designate your HOW.
– Plan an approximate timeline and goal deadline. (I’d have to save $XX every two weeks to have $XXXX for travel by [this date].)
– Have a deadline to purchase your ticket. 

Find ways to stay connected to your dream.
– websites 
– photos
– discussions
– write about it
– picture yourself there
– do it everyday

Don’t let others pop your bubble.
“I’ve been there, I hated it.” 
“Ha! Right! You? Saving money?”
“You’re too much of a chicken. You can’t travel alone.”

Know who your cheerleaders are and who the naysayers are.
Be choosey.
Don’t share if it doesn’t feel safe.
Quit seeking approval from those who won’t give it.
Dream with other dreamers and doers. (The doing is the best part!)

Be relentlessly devoted to your own dreams.
Know what they are.
Make a plan.

Tell me all about it, in the comments below.
I believe in you.