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Do you know her?

left out riskIs it possible she is your daughter? Niece? Neighbor?

You might have encountered her and not even noticed her.

She can be average – seems to fit in just fine.

She comes off as the happy-go-lucky, funny girl – seemingly care-free and under bracelets and wristbands and sleeves and pantlegs, scabs and scars line her limbs.

She might be brooding and angry, lashing out with sword-like tongue.

She might be the star student, seeking perfection – pushing herself ever harder – in her books, in her aspirations, on the treadmill.

She might be needy, desperate, clingy, out-right attention seeking – giving away her heart and soul and body, begging for someone to love her.

– – –

niceMany of us are at risk in some way.

We’re at risk doubting our talents,
fading into the background, and
judging ourselves harshly against others – whether that’s someone at school or a photo in a magazine.

We’re at risk when we feel vulnerable and not good enough;
when we believe we don’t measure up,
because our hair isn’t the right length,
or our eyelashes aren’t long enough,
or we are missing a thigh gap.

We’re at risk when we don’t feel
or unique;

when we stand out in the crowd
and when we feel invisible at home.
(Or vice versa.)

We are at risk when we ignore our inner voice
and don’t listen to what our gut (intuition) tells us.

We are at risk when we avoid telling our truth.
We are at risk when we have been hurt,
and laughed at.

We are at risk when we feel forgotten,
or sad.

girl at riskAt Risk of What?

Settling for less than we deserve.
Discounting our gifts.
Doubting our self.
Giving up on our dreams.
Believing we deserve what we get.
Hating our self.
Letting our self down.
Forgetting to love our self.
Judging our selves too harshly.


Maybe she’s you.

– – –

Never before have we had the kinds of open conversations we have now.
We appear to be MORE connected through social application and yet, I would argue that the world has never known a time where we feel more lonely, disengaged, misunderstood, unheard,, invalidated, anxious, depressed and hopeless.

– – –

I am compelled to reach out, because I KNOW she is everywhere around me, this girl at risk. She feels inherently flawed, broke, unworthy and unloved. She feels stuck and alone.

I see her. I KNOW her. I WAS her.

She is my child.
She is a classmate.
She is a student.
She is a young mother.
She is you.
She is me.

YOU matter.
I see you.

Hang in there, baby girl.