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love yourself

If I could give you one tip – one piece of advice – that will change the way you do everything …

– – – the way you experience people – – –
– – – the way you choose your direction – – –
– – – what kind of treatment you’ll settle for – – –
– – – what kind of activities you’ll pursue – – –

it would be this:


You were born to the parents you were born to (accept it). Your DNA is non-refundable. You DO have this eye colour. And that hair colour. You might have freckles or a crooked spine. You’ve determined yourself to be overly emotional. Math is your passion but you keep it hidden. You might believe – he is ‘good enough’ for ‘someone like me’.

Or, worse! You administer self-judgement every time you pass a mirror. Sucking in your belly. Shrivelling to reduce your height. Curling your shoulders to take up less space in the world. Lowering your head to avoid the eyes of others.

I beg you to hear me.
I see you.
I know you.
I was you. 

If you could only see you the way I see you. With your amber freckles and hazel eyes. With your wicked sense of humour and tender generosity. And your brilliant creativity and your heart for justice. And your ‘tiny elfin hands’ – the perfect size for shaping your world.

The sooner you can understand your beauty, your worth, your Divine perfection – a physical manifestation of the Universe’s wisdom and astounding creative capacity to make a perfect creature – the sooner you can get to the business of using your unique brilliance to really BE in this world.

“Self acceptance is your #1 goal in life.
Why? Because for so long as you believe
that there is something unacceptable about you,
you will push away love,
you will sabotage success,
you will unconsciously conspire against joy,
you will struggle,
and you will never find out who you are or
what you are really capable of.”

Dr. Robert Holden, Shift Happens

You are sweet perfection with every single flaw.
Work on self-acceptance. Love yourself like your life depends on it.

Sometimes, with girls at risk, it does.


YOU matter.