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Things are gonna get hard occasionally.

You’re going to do and say things that hurt someone else.
Or yourself.
You’re going to make choices that backfire.
Bad judgement will rule.
You might be the victim of a crime.

Or heartbreak.

You’re going to squirm in anguish.
It’s gonna hurt. A lot.

You might even be scared; terrified you’ll never recover.

When it’s your fault.
Or someone else’s.

Even if you were watching the storm roll in from a mile away,
or when it bonked you on the head out of the blue.

Darkness will fall.

The clouds will roll in. And shadows will make your world feel thick and grey.

You’ll feel the bone chill of regret.
The agony of loneliness.
The crushing pain of heartache.
The lingering sting of loss.
A smothering sadness.

You’ll find yourself in the dark. Disoriented. 

Turn your attention from judgement.
Practice the appropriate amount of regret.
Surround yourself with allies and advocates.
Focus on love.

Time heals everything. Open your heart to healing.

Be willing to be transformed.

Look for the light.

A candle doesn’t overpower the darkness, it just shows up as light.

There is no magic answer, or miracle cure.

The light is goodness.
(to self and others)

Quiet contemplation.
Plans for the better.
A willingness to let go.
To be healed.
To pray.
To believe it can be better.
To believe this too shall pass.

Looking for the light is choosing to put your attention on all that will go right for you.

Because that’s how darkness is.
That’s how storms roll.
The black begins to descend.
The chill comes. And all hell breaks loose. 
Loneliness pervades.
Desperation mounts.
Fear freezes.
Tears fall. 

And then one day, the rain eases up.
The clouds begin to break.
Or dawn appears – at first with faintest hue on the horizon line, then with a glow that brings warmth.

And suddenly, you realize you’re standing in the light.

It’s going to get dark.
Your job will always be to look for the light.

I’m on your side.