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you are not broken

Oh, little sister.
Your thinking is so mixed up.

You believe all the lies and forget your Truth.
Your Light. 

There is no secret eluding you. There is no riddle to solve. No one has your magic answer.

Sometimes shit goes sideways.
Some days you feel low and lonesome.
Maybe you are angry with the world, feel rejected, left out, loathed or broken.
Maybe you don’t feel. 

The Universe is not playing games with you.
God is not vengeful and angry and punishing you. No matter what you’ve been told.
Spirit doesn’t work that way.

You are LOVE.
You were born perfection, your astonishing Light in a tiny body
and you have SIMPLY FORGOTTEN your worth.

You’ve heard judgements passed and criticism given out like black dots on your heart – adopted them as yours; held them close and believed the lies.

You are not broken.
You are not cursed.
You are not being punished.
You are not alone.

You forget who you are.
You forget you are worthy.
You forget you are loved.

Let me remind you now. 

Goodness doesn’t work that way.
Protect your heart with vigilance. Do not let anyone walk in your mind with their dirty feet. Use your wisdom and deep soul knowing to slap away thoughts of worthlessness, suffering and fear.

You deserve miracles.
You are loved.
I am listening.
I see your Light.
I will hold the candle until you find your way.
I am your sister and will not leave.
I will lead until your feet find the way.

Love yourself – just a little bit today.
And a little bit more tomorrow.

Persistence, my sweet.