I started the #BigLoveForGirlsAtRisk blog back in 2011 as a way of writing messages to my clinically depressed and suicidal teenage daughter. They were all the love notes of encouragement that I said, and wanted to say, and the messages I wanted her to clearly hear and ‘get’.

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I was writing for my own catharsis, I guess. As a mother, I felt responsible, helpless and terrified. I was desperate and angry and sad and scared. I just wanted this beautiful kid to see and understand and know that she deserved to be well, she was loved beyond measure and that I believed healing was possible for her.

And I also knew that she had a circle of friends who were also at risk. Feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem, dangerous behaviour, self-loathing, absent parents, abusive or addictive parents – trying to fit in anywhere, willing to do anything to be loved, seen and accepted.

I saw myself in those beautiful girls. So full of potential, so lonely and unseen and sad and hurting. I saw 14 year old Kim, and 18 year old Kim, and 22 year old Kim… and so I began to write the messages I wanted them to know.

I started to write the BigLove for Girls at Risk blog as a way of letting them know that SOMEONE outside their circle KNEW what they were going through, KNEW how hard they were trying and KNEW that they were LOVABLE. No matter what.

But, I also understand that everyone has their own journey to make.

Not all of us make it through pain and shame and fear unscathed. Some of us don’t have access to healthy support systems, and money for therapy, and a parent or guardian that is healthy and will pull out all the stops to help us heal. We have inherited family trauma and secrets that we don’t feel safe to tell and wounds that keep us fearful and small. We have limited beliefs that keep us stuck and bound by lies and ‘at risk’.

So about 6 months ago, I started to write a book of short encouragements and called it All You Need to Know Today. It’s meant to be bite sized, easy to read, daily love notes for those at risk; reminders of their worth and capacity to recover, and reminders of the power of choice and that there are many good and loving people in the world who are rooting for them to win.

I’m your greatest cheerleader and we may never meet.

This e-book of encouragements is for you from me. It is meant to be shared and sent by emails and links. It is meant to remind you of all the ways you are worthy of joy and healing and happiness. I need to let you know I see you. You matter. You are loved so hard.

The e-book arrives soon. Like, in June soon.

Watch for links and share with those you adore and are cheering for.