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I’ve got learning and mentorship programs ready to share with classes, groups, organizations and individuals. Ask me to customize a presentation designed to reach and engage your group.

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Current programs and sessions include:

Full Day Sessions

The Hard Conversations – This learning experience exists to create deeper human connection and safe space for those who self-harm or who have thoughts of suicide.

By the end of this learning experience participants will be able to: Define self-harm behaviour, identify myths about suicide, describe the typical, current demographics involved with self-harm and suicide, recall the top nine risk factors for self-harm, recall and detect ten warning signs for those at risk of suicide, strengthen rational and communication skills for responding those at risk, including where to go for help.

Course fee: $120 per person, certificate of participation provided

Half Day SessionsHalf Day Sessions


Extreme Self-Care in 4 Simple Parts
We are not just a body, and not just a brain. There are 4 very separate parts of us that require love and attention. Learn to recognize each part, define needs and care for the whole.

Choices, Communication and Community
Being able to choose behaviour is the ultimate empowerment.
Communication – especially in a text and Snapchat world –
is of critical importance. Kids need tools and recommendations for safe and stress-free online engagement.

Silencing Your Inner Critic: Tips and Tools
 There is a recorded voice that plays in our heads all the time. Often, it’s a mean and negative voice that mixes up our thinking, highlights the worst case scenario and points out all the ways we don’t measure up. Learn a few techniques for silencing your inner mean girl.

Course fee: $ 60 per person, certificate of participation provided

Keynote SessionsKeynote Sessions


Girls at Risk – Youth at Risk
What exactly do I mean: at Risk? Who are they? What’s the response?  What can we do?

The Beauty of Being Ordinary
Not everyone gets to – or wants to – be famous. Let’s have a conversation about how beautiful and important being ordinary is. You are anything but simple, common or plain.
Ordinary is individually beautiful.

Ask me to customize something within a theme, or to address specific needs. 

Speaker Fee: Let’s have a conversation about your needs. Travel additional.

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I also work with: Relationship Inspired Learning and Development

We teach human services professionals, caregivers and HR teams important tools and strategies to manage Suicide and Self Harm Awareness, Care for Critical Behaviours and Diversity and Cross Culture Competency.

We also host a personal development track called OnePerson: Inside for professionals and executives designed to improve PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL relationships, increase personal satisfaction and master communication skills.

Connect with me there, if you’d prefer.